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Watermark surf house Esmoriz close to the beach

Esmoriz: Zimmer 1 – Geteiltes Zweibettzimmer

Raum 2 Einzelbetten (max. 2 Personen)
Blick auf Strasse
Bad Gemeinschaftsbad
Frühstück inbegriffen
Start From20,00€ / Guest
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Esmoriz: Zimmer 2 – Geteiltes Zweibettzimmer

Raum 2 Einzelbetten (max. 2 Personen)
Blick auf Strasse
Bad Gemeinschaftsbad
Frühstück inbegriffen
Start From20,00€ / Guest
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bedroom Esmoriz surf house

Esmoriz: Zimmer 3 – Geteiltes Zweibettzimmer

Raum2 Einzelbetten (max. 2 Personen)
Blick aufGarten
Start From20,00€ / Guest
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Unser Haus, Esmoriz und die nähere Umgebung

Located 200 meters from the fisherman’s beach of Esmoriz, north of Portugal, and 25 km south from Porto, our surf house in Esmoriz still has some of the 50s architecture original lines. These lines were added to blend in with its surroundings: the ocean, the forest and the village. The house accommodates up to six persons and has cosy clean rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a really nice relaxing backyard. It’s the kind of place where you wake up hearing the birds in the morning and the breeze through the trees. This is where you enjoy your breakfast and stretch yourself slowly, while the sun warms up your body and you hear the waves calling out your name.

time for some surfing

Come on, get off your lazy butt already. Go check out the swells. For that, you can simply have a look at the closest surf spot, which is only a three-minute walking away. Just like that, surfing Esmoriz is convenient and definitely cool to set up camp. As close as any surf camp, but with a great fully equipped surf house at your disposal.

There are a lot of surf spots in Esmoriz and the surrounding area. Beach breaks and point breaks, that hit on a sandy surface. Once you step into the water take a moment to enjoy the landscape around you: from typical fisherman’s houses to white sandy beaches that go up to the forest, you can find everything around!

Are you coming with the Weekly Surf camp accommodation Pack? Or simply booked for a few lessons? We’ll keep you updated about the surf lesson times. According to the overall surfing conditions – tides, wave size and wind we’ll judge the best spot for the day. Our surf teachers will always attend to the surfer’s needs, based on the surfing conditions. We proud ourselves on a close approach and a personalised relationship with our visitors, represented in our good surfer/teacher ratio.

Surf courses, single surf lessons and surfing rentals are some of the surf related services we have on offer, besides yoga and functional training. Check all the possibilities on our Services label.

After surfing Esmoriz

If you have booked our simple bed & breakfast accommodation and still want to surf, we have surfing rentals for you. Off course we’ll advise you about the best gear to choose and also where and when to go surfing Esmoriz. We know this place like no one! And if you’re worried about the crowds… don’t!  Yes, there’s a few, especially during high season, but nothing compared with some of Portugal’s most well-known surf spots.

After a nice surf session, you can take the most out of this area and explore it by bike or skate (yes, we have both of them for you), jogging or simply walk. The city park, the local forest and the long coastline offer unique opportunities. The local market could also be a fun experience for you.

When your back home in your surf house, our backyard is ideal for restoring your energy level after a long day of surfing. Maybe a Yoga or a Functional Training session, focussed mainly on stretching,  is just what you need. The Weekly Surf & Accommodation Pack includes both of them and scheduling them it’s the only thing needed. Bed & breakfast guests can also enjoy it. For that, you just have to ask us (please check our Services).

What to eat?

Later, you can keep on relaxing while you taste the best local restaurants. If you prefer a homemade meal, our barbecue and a glass of a good Portuguese wine might be a good combination for keeping up the positive vibe. Nevertheless, remember that your favorite Esmoriz surfing mentors can help you decide. Probably you’ll surf better the day after!

Being this close to Porto (average 25 minutes train ride), you definitely should take the opportunity to absorb a bit what this unique city has to offer. Porto never left anyone disappointed yet!

Check some local interest on the map below.

How to get to…


Currently, there are several low-cost companies flying to Oporto – Francisco Sá Carneiro airport Portugal (OPO).

The easier way to get from the airport to the city is by metro. To do so, you should buy the Andante (metro and train card) and charge it with a ticket, which you can do in the local metro station. Then you only have to catch a metro heading to Porto and enjoy a 30 minutes ride approximately.

If you intend to go straight to our surf house Esmoriz, you should leave the metro in Campanhã station (Oporto) and go to the train station, which is right there when you get out.

PORTO (Campanhã station) to ESMORIZ

From the Campanhã train station, you should catch a train to Esmoriz (Aveiro line). Make sure you buy the train card (green one), add a ticket and validate it before you get on the train. After 25 minutes average journey you’ll be on the Esmoriz train station. If you want us to pick you up there don’t forget to let us know in advance. Simple, isn’t it?

Rua Fernão Veloso nº 171  3885-575 Esmoriz

(+351) 938 406 994 / 966 414 169