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A new house in Espinho for 2019…

 30 meters from the local surf spots, same hosts, same vibes

Watermark Surf house: We are a small surf camp with two surf houses in Esmoriz and Espinho, both of them 20-30 minutes train ride away from Porto's center.
The Watermark mission: Host small groups, give them personal close attention in a familiar authentic atmosphere.

Esmoriz Surf house: Join a group of 6 friends and our house will be yours! Explore the coastline and local surf spots and finish the day with a bbq between friends.

Espinho Surf house: Choose it if you want to stay in the centre of a lively town, with urban beaches and surfspots only 30 meters from your doorstep

The Watermark services:
Both surf houses serve a different experience for you, your friends or family. We can host you or a group of people comfortable in two locations. Local surf spots suit all types of surfers and are far less crowded the most well-known surfing destinations. Our locations provide an unique combination of authentic culture and great surfing experiences. We offer all kinds of services, surf and non surf related. Any questions? Please visit our Surf holiday questions page

Take a dip yourself and discover Porto’s best secrets on land and in the water! Seja bem-vindo!


How we got started

We are two guys who grew up with the sea breeze, waves and in between surfboards. This love story about the ocean, beach and surfing lifestyle turned more and more serious. We love travelling and that’s how we met several people from all over the world. On one of these journeys, we discovered a lovely house by the beach, with some nice waves and, most importantly, introduced us to some wonderful people. Even though we were about 10.000 km apart, we felt home. Later, when the opportunity came we started Watermark Surf House in northern Portugal – Esmoriz and Espinho, just a few minutes from Porto.

In the north of Portugal, you can count on a relaxed daily life, lot’s of natural areas, surf spots (beach breaks and point breaks) and a laid-back surf community.

Read our article about the best surf spots in northern Portugal.

We used all our past experiences as inspiration and try to set a familiar atmosphere with small groups and close relations, using surfing for common bonding. With this experience in mind, we developed a personal and fun surfing experience in a beautiful and not yet overcrowded area.