The Team

watermark surf house ricardo
Ricardo Rego

Water and surfing are things that I grew up with. I started bodyboarding when I was 13 and ended up competing in local and national championships some years later. A back injury made me put bodyboarding aside and try surfing instead… And I never stopped ever since.
I was born in Porto in 1979 and I lived in Gaia, the south side of the Douro river, until 2004. As I often go surfing to spots like Esmoriz and Espinho, I eventually moved to Esmoriz area, where I now live.

I studied Sports and Physical Education (PE) in the University of Porto and got a Surfing Coach degree by the Portuguese Federation of Surfing. I’ve been working both as a PE teacher and surfing instructor since 2001. I’ve also pursued other interests, such as a Photography course and a short time in the surfboard shaping world.

Watermark Surf House is where I put all my knowledge and passion.

watermark surf house rui
Rui Oliveira

II’ve been involved with sports since I was really young, first as a player and later as a basketball coach. I did a bachelor’s degree in Sports and Physical Education and, later, a master’s degree in Sports Sciences at the University of Porto. The coincidence of meeting Ricardo there was crucial for a few years later the Watermark could take shape!

I worked in a public school as a physical education teacher and, years later, as a sports facility manager. That was the time when I realized what my vocation was. Thus, when Ricardo presented the Watermark project in 2012, this seemed like the perfect challenge to me, as it allowed me to combine my field of work with my passion: surfing!

What makes the Watermark so special to me personally is the opportunity to meet new people, people that share my passion for surfing, and to help them explore and make the most of the local Portuguese waves.