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SURF PORTO: Notes from the locals- part 4

The last 2017 surfing- related note about Porto’s best surf spots: Esmoriz and Espinho! With the respects from the best and more reliable source- the locals ourselves.

October started pretty much where September ended: good waves everywhere, allowing surfers to spread around the different spots, from Espinho to Esmoriz area. Glassy and offshore conditions, along with sunny and warm temperatures (some days went up to 30 degrees!) made our guest’s desires come to life! The crowd was around on the best surfing days, but it was far from being annoying as there were lots of surf spots pumping good waves.

During this first couple of days, waves were from one meter up to two meters high. Then, some bigger days came up with waves reaching double overhead size easily, meaning challenging conditions to those who tried their luck but still offering some alternatives for our rookie surfers.

Average waves were here afterwards, and we dare to say that everyone was happy about it: beginners, intermediates, advanced surfers and… ourselves! Other days came with friendly and mellow half-meter waves and everybody paddled out to the lineup, making sure they had a piece of it! Surfing lessons were a standout and most of our surfers looked like pros.

One thing in common in all these days with different surfing conditions was that people were basically living each day for it: early morning surf check, surf lesson, tasty food, surf check and some sun at the beach, free surf, relax and talk about the best waves of the day while holding a beer, nice dinner and charge batteries for a new day. It was not Summer but for sure it looked like it!

Espinho area provided some really nice seasons in October.


From the Oct 20-31st, there was the Meo Rip Curl Pro Peniche, the 10th stage of the World Surf League’s Championship Tour. Surf fans came all over the world to Portugal to watch the elite surfers showcase. We couldn’t miss it! Great waves in different kind of conditions, remarkable performances at Supertubos and a sharp Gabriel Medina taking the title, It was sick!!! Roger M. Jud got some really nice clicks from the main action.

October is passed. November arrived and chilled us with colder nights and offshore breezes, still sunny and with some nice temperatures during the day. In between memorable sessions, we had some stormy conditions back home, that made surfing impossible. Those days when Nazaré was sending some huge crackers to the braves.

One frequent statement and question asked by our guests is something like “There are a few surfers there having a lesson. Sure we can not go for a lesson as well?” Keep in mind that we have no pleasure in calling a session off. Then, and most important, security always comes first. Last, we never take anyone for a fool, trying to sell a lesson in non-surfable conditions (except if there’s a specific goal for the lesson, like paddling or duck diving practice). Worst that not surfing is having a bad experience in the water, which might result in a bad surfing memory. Nobody wants that, right?! But don’t get us wrong, when this kind of days come, most of the times we try a plan B: the search for a fair alternative to the local Espinho and Esmoriz surf spots. Better or worst, surfing happened and it was worth it.

At the end of the day, it’s time to digest passionately the waves ridden in Porto’s best surfing beaches and about surfing technique. And we can do it for hours in a row… not because we have to. Simply because it’s something that connects us all.

Surfing it’s not everything. Just a big portion 🙂  Along with our guests, we walked around Porto, experienced some really nice conversations at the sunset time and took wonderful food there, but also in Esmoriz and Espinho. After a nice surfing day, if Porto and the tasty Portuguese dishes cannot put a smile on your face you should tell us what else might do it?

The Autumn colours filled our days at Porto best beaches, adding some drama to our daily life and leaving a special mark on our guest’s surfing memories. We could feel the end of the line approaching: the season’s end (Nov 15th).

The daylight got different each day so that we don’t forget it’s Fall. After we closed doors, temperatures dropped til 5 degrees during some nights and early surf session turned out to be harder than they were just some days ago. Winter is coming fast and for now, it’s time to get some waves ourselves.

The season was long and for sure amazing! We met people from all over the world and made lot’s of new friends, knowing that they will visit us again in the future. We are very happy with the number of returning guests/ friends in 2017! Should mean something, right?! But you can be sure that, in between waves, we’ll be working to make sure that 2018 can better!

Someone emailed us recently wondering about a booking for 2018 and asked us what makes us different from others surf houses/ surf camps in Porto area, and Portugal. Our answer: “ Hello XX (…) there are no secrets – we simply believe that small things matter. In one word, and according to priorities: people! That’s what matters most. We want to know more about our visitors, treat them by their name, make sure they’ve got all that they need and that they’re having the most of their time with us. Most of the times, as a result, more than a normal host-client relationship is established. A closer attendance is the base of our daily work!”

See you in person from the April 1st ’18. Online we’ll be around…


Watermark Surf House

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