15 Oct

MEO RIP CURL PRO PORTUGAL 2017 – during & after the event

The 2017 WSL World Championship Tour is close to an end and Peniche, stop number 10, will once again have an huge role in the world title decision.

Coming straight from France, WSL World Tour surfers will struggle for an advantage in Portugal before the last event in Hawai, event number 11. Never the world title campaign has been so unpredictable, with so many contenders with real chances to get the most prestigious surfing title. This season, from eight finished events there were 7 different winners! Owen Wright, John John Florence, Jordy Smith, Adriano de Souza, Matt Wilkinson, Julian Wilson, Filipe Toledo (the only athlete with 2 wins so far) and Gabriel Medina.

About the WSL maths, JJF, currently number 1 in the WSL Jeep Leaderboard, already tasted the win in Peniche back in 2016. His surfing is unpredictable and explosive, both on the rail and in the air. And he‘s definitely one of the best tube riders in the world.

Jordy Smith, the big South African placed number 2 in the world, is probably the most powerful guy when it comes to big tuns and hacks. He owns a sharp surfing and seems to adapt to all type of conditions.

Gabriel Medina, number 3 on the ranking, is highly motived after the win in France and he’s showcasing a polished backhand surfing which, along with his crazy frontside attack and ferocious competitor attitude, put him on the top contenders to get the win in Portugal.

Besides this guys, as if it was already easy to predict a winner, there’s a bunch of more that can get the win in the Meo Rip Curl Pro. Owen, Matt, Mick, Toledo, Ace, Jeremy and many others that posted outstanding performances in Peniche’s barrels. Some of them even got a win before!

Then there’s Frederico Morais… The new Prince of Portugal, “Kikas” is currently the best rookie on tour and, besides the fact that he has been showing great performances so far this year, his wave selection and consistency are right on spot and the fact that he will have the whole nation supporting him, makes him a dangerous competitor. And he was a quarterfinalist in Peniche back in 2015 as a wildcard, defeating names like Kelly Slater on the way. Can he match the fans expectations back home and handle the pressure?

From October 20-31 2017, the surfing world spotlights will be on the beautiful coastline of Peniche and, once again, show some of the best things that Portugal has to offer. Nice weather conditions, a passionate crowd and pumping surfing conditions at Supertubos are some of the things that both the world’s best and the surfing fans are expecting. Looking back to what Peniche offered along the past years, it’s fair to have big expectations about 2017 edition! Follow the action here!

But is there life once the trophy is raised and pro surfers leave? Will the waves leave as well? The wonderful food or the Portuguese people? The weather? The answer is a hell NO! So why should you leave unless you have to get back to work or a pregnant wife about to give birth? After some days spent watching the world’s best at Peniche, why not head north an pay us a visit. Waves? Plenty of offer and good ones! Crowd? After hanging is Peniche… no! Weather? Pretty much the same. People and food? Great and tasty, in that order! How far? 2h30 min easy car ride (A8, A17, A29) north direction. Where? In Esmoriz or Espinho. When? Until the Nov.15th. Why? This is why.


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