9 Sep

10 reasons for Surfing in Portugal and Porto during September & October

Surfing in Portugal and in Porto is always a good option, despite the time of the year. Nevertheless, September and October in particular, have something different, difficult to explain. Some special magic light and different mood that makes this time of the year one of our favourites. There are other reasons for that particular feeling, which of course should not be taken for granted. But maybe that’s exactly why we feel it so special and unique. Why we love September and October? Here’s why:

  1. The high season is almost gone. Therefore, some better flight deals can be found to Porto (OPO) and, generally speaking, and even though it does not happen a lot in northern Portugal, some higher rates that appear only in August are already gone
  2. Even though around Porto’s best spots the crowd it’s not huge, at least when compared to the most famous surfing spots in Portugal ( Peniche, Ericeira, Lisbon and Algarve), from September on it’s even smaller.
  3. The weather is still good- sunny, nice temperatures and usually with no rain. Probably different than what happens in many other countries around Europe.
  4. The water is never warm, at least according to our standards. Anyway, there are a few days along the year that it becomes warmer and it usually happens around September(/October.
  5. Summer winds are usually gone and it’s a period when some nice glassy surfing sessions can be expected.
  6. It’s a time of changing swells, between the typical Summer swells and the bigger waves of the Winter. In between, some really average surfing it’s on the way.
  7. There are some nice events happening here in Porto, such as the Red Bull Air Race in September and Porto’s street markets and other local events, happening both in September and October.
  8. The WSL World Championship Tour Cascais Women’s Pro (Sept 27- Oct. 05) and the men’s Meo Rip Curl Pro in Peniche ( Oct 20-31), besides the WSL Qualifying Series men’s EDP Billabong Pro Cascais 2017 (Sept 26- Oct 05).
  9. Some nice Autumn colours start to come out. You can share it with your soulmate… while holding a surfboard under your arm. It’s the perfect time for you to fulfil that longtime promise of a romantic vacation and still get the opportunity to have some nice surfing sessions at Porto’s best surfing destinies!
  10. It’s the time when the grapes are harvested for the best Port / Douro wine and it’s a unique opportunity to make part of it. Also, it’s the chestnuts time and you can get them everywhere on the Porto’s streets. Just need to follow the smell!

If you’re still waiting for your surfing vacations and want to mix surfing, history and even some romance while enjoying some of the summer vibes, for sure we can help you in that. When, how and why? In September & October and here’s how and why.


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