29 Jul

10 Reasons for choosing northern Portugal for surfing

Summer’s here and with it the will of grabbing a board and spend some quality time with friends in the water surfing grows. Besides the waves and other surfing related factors, the weather, hospitality from local people, food, security, flights and life cost can be crucial when you’re planning your next surf trip. And that’s exactly why we find appropriate to give you a couple of reasons why the northern coast of Portugal, or Porto to be more precise, should be your next destination.

  1. Porto’s airport (OPO) has lots of low-cost flights coming from almost every country in Europe. For sure you can find some nice flight deals!
  2. Daily life is cheaper than most European countries and also when compared to central and south of Portugal (Lisbon and Algarve areas). For example, one expresso has a cost of 0,65€ average. Lot’s of cafeíne for you!
  3. The weather is warm and rainy and cold days usually arrive from December and stay around til March. So plenty of time for you to come!
  4. Surfing is consistent and there are lots of surf spots on offer, which makes surfing possible for everyone. Urban and uncrowded white sand beaches are around. Just need to know where! And guess who knows is? Us!!! A few things we don’t have here: lack of waves, sharks or other big fishes, and huge crowds in the water.
  5. One of the best place where you can combine quality surfing with unique historical landmarks and culture- Porto! And the best is that the best surf spots, located where we are, are only a couple of minutes far from the city centre and you can get there easily by train (2€ /journey)
  6. Security. Unfortunately, this matter is currently something that can not be ignored when you plan to get out from your comfort zone. So this is one thing less to be worried about.
  7. Local people are mellow and friendly. Once they realize you’re not Portuguese, probably they will just talk and talk and want to show everything around.
  8. The places and their people are still authentic. As travellers ourselves, we sure don’t like to go to a place where we can hear everything except the local language or live according to foreign people’s habits. Authenticity is required and we proudly dear to say that we still have it “Carago” (local word for something like “dam it”)!
  9. Food is delicious! Francesinha, tripas à moda do Porto and pasteis de nata are some of the local dishes and snacks that you can try and that can make you loose your mind. And maybe some fitness too, if you push too hard… Make sure you go surfing!
  10. Last, but not the least, it’s where we are! Yes, we’re humble ☺ but if you’re looking for some relaxed time, far from big crowds and want to make new friends, including us, that’s it!!! For sure our current and past surfing guests/friends can confirm it!

More reasons could be pointed, but let’s leave that for you to discover once you’re here. In case you’re double thinking and haven’t booked a flight yet, neither your accommodation, remember that our endless Summer vibes are here waiting for you. And they’ll stay for a couple of months still.

So what you’re waiting for? 10 reasons more? Take a LOOK to what you can expect.


See you soon,

Watermark Surf House

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